Benefits of Propane

Did you know? Propane is already being used in over 48 million U.S. households for residential use. Propane not only benefits homeowners, but builders as well. For instance, propane gives the Builder the ability to choose first-rate gas amenities for any building site. With high-performance appliances in the home and brilliant, modern outdoor applications, propane can turn an average residence into a truly exceptional home.

Benefits to Builders

What’s in it for you? Community propane systems can help you:

  • Build a more attractive, more marketable community.
  • Can have propane gas in developments with minimal or no room for propane tanks.
  • Give customers the energy performance and comfort they want.
  • Create a scalable, convenient solution for an entire development.
  • Temporary Heat to help keep your project on schedule. We have available Red Dragon heaters.

Benefits to Homeowners

Community propane systems are great for homeowners, too. Homeowners can have:

  • The comfort, performance, and efficiency of propane gas appliances.
  • No propane tanks in Homeowner’s yard.
  • Individual meters, so they’ll only pay for energy as it’s used.
  • Can have propane gas in developments lot lines.
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